1. It occurred to her, upon the third rotation of her changing location— inside the grey light of her shallow apartment, outside in the wind and then back again— that her restlessness may not be as simple as this.  And that, instead, what she may need more than a new view, is the consent to actually see it.


  2. i want the patience of the desert— 
    the strength that it requires 
    to know what it will become,
    before it can or does.


  3. at Big Bend National Park


  4. Being stranded in Odessa for 3 hours with a broken down car was all worth it. It put us into Marfa right at sunrise.


  5. Marfa-bound, to be with the two people I love most in the world. @jlynnallen @cheekertin


  6. he will come a long way—  
    pass through many things.  
    push against the turbulence 
    of whatever it is 
    that keeps him from you.  

    and when he emerges 
    he will be breathless 
    and worn 
    from his pilgrimage.  
    and you will shine
    like gold before him… 
    be the grace 
    that he has needed.

    and the time 
    that you both waited
    will be a fierce remembrance
    of how important
    it all is.


  7. the lyrics tho…

    "Give me all your love now, ‘cause for all we know we might be dead by tomorrow.  I can’t go on wasting my time, adding scars to my heart, ‘cause all I hear is "I’m not ready now."

    And I can tell that you didn’t have to face your mother losing her lover without saying goodbye, because she didn’t have time…

    I don’t want to judge what’s in your heart, but if you’re not ready for love, how can you be ready for life?  How can you be ready for life?

    So let’s love fully and let’s love loud.  Let’s love now.  ’Cause soon enough we’ll die.”


  8. we will seek,
    the place
    where it all began.
    the discovery—
    the coruscating reverie
    of what it means
    to grow in love.
    to live as one.
    to extend
    into the failures
    of the other,
    and only ever
    the fullness
    of what we are.

    and my only vow
    is to never withdraw
    from you.


  9. today and every day and all of the nights that follow!!!


  10. grit.
    spats of dirt
    bare skin.
    The spin
    of north winds.
    I need to be
    in it—
    sleep within
    its limits.
    Which is to say,
    And be found,
    in the field.


  11. Love.


  12. <3


  13. I hope to write to all of you ❤️

    Yes, REALLY!!  foxingquarterly 


  14. I have written about you before, though your shape was very different.  Your eyes were other colors and your hands held varied interests.  But if we are composed of stories, then yours is one that has already been told to me.  The boy dressed up in his father’s clothes—  feigning maturity, when he’s not yet fully grown.  And all the bright-eyed beauties, rushing to the rescue— praising what you’ve given, before knowing your intentions.  

    But like every other season, I’ve grown tired of the books I’m reading.  I’ve learned my lessons and now it’s time to build a new collection.  

    Besides, I’ve heard it’s beneficial to take interest in non-fiction.


  15. Sitting so close
    along a bench of strangers
    exchanging eyes of interest
    when the other isn’t looking.
    And there’s a sweet spell in the air…
    one that disregards
    everything else—
    the pain of whatever it was
    that brought us to this spot.
    And for a short moment
    we’ve helped render
    relief in each other.
    And we will leave this place
    with a little more bravery
    than what we came with.